The AirSaver product line is developed and distributed by ACM Technologies, Inc., a leading distributor of technology products for the office equipment and packaging industry. Founded in 1989, ACM is one of the largest national distributors of imaging products to the office supply industry. More recently, ACM has expanded to the packaging industry with its innovative line of AirSaver products. With four U.S. distribution centers located in California, Texas, Illinois and Massachusetts, ACM promises high availability, swift fulfillment, world-class customer care, and substantial cost savings.

AirSaver Air Cushioning System is an eco-friendly, alternative packaging solution to traditional void fill products (paper, peanuts, foam, etc.). The AirSaver system provides on-demand Air Pillows to streamline your shipping operations and reduce costs. Its compact, tabletop design allows it to be used anywhere from a small shipping store to a warehouse with multiple shipping stations. No matter what you are shipping, AirSaver Air Cushioning System is simple yet effective for all your void-fill needs.

For more information about how air pillows can help your company save money, visit us at www.airsaverpack.com.


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