Helpful Ways to Earn More Business and a Gift for You!

We’ve come up with simple ways to help increase your business! Each month we will provide you with helpful tips for packaging along with this year’s latest products and applications methods.

This month we are celebrating Valentine’s Day! Your customers are looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones, so why not help them protect their items and at the same time promote your business?

  • Early Bird Promotion – Land sales that your competitors will miss by and let the sales start coming to you. Create early bird discounts and print flyers early on. Have your web banner promotions created early to get the word out.
  • We Miss You Promotion – Prompt a purchase with a past customer with a 10% off coupon or email them with new products that they may not know about. Keep your brand and products in front of your past customers who have not made a recent purchase, but lay off the hard-sell. Try softer selling tactics by giving them informative tips to keep them engaged long-term.
  • Valentine’s Day is in February! We are sharing our Valentine’s Packaging Tips for popular items such as: Flowers, Jewelry and Candy.

How to Pack Gifts for Shipping

When sending gifts in packages, roughly the same rules apply in most cases. The more fragile an item, the more important the protection. To ensure your items are well packed, follow these general guidelines:

  1. Wrap items or their packaging with cushion wrap.
    Use several layers of cushion wrap to completely cover every individual item in your package. If you have a new product in its original packaging, leave it as is and use a slightly larger box, use cushion wrap to wrap the box and void-fill material such us air-pillows. To pack more fragile items, use the double-box technique and put the items in a smaller box before packing them in the chosen carton. You can even use three or more boxes for an even safer transport. This is a particularly great option if the original packaging is part of the present and needs to be protected.

  2. Take care of internal cushioning.
    Use ample amounts of packing materials. Cover the sidewalls of the box with cushion wrap, place the product in the middle and fill any extra dead space with Air-pillows. Use extra layer of cushion wrap for bottom and top fill when shipping fragile items. Make sure there are no empty spaces in the package.

  3. Check if everything is safely packed and sealed well.
    After everything is packed, gently shake the package to see if anything can still move inside. If everything stays in place, close the box and apply adhesive tape along all the seams of the carton.

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