Labor Day Super Savings

Buy 2 Rolls and get a FREE gift card*

During the month of September, sign up for a free AirSaver system and order at least 2 rolls on your first order to receive a $50 e-card from Netflix, Sling TV or Hulu. Current customers are not eligible for this promotion. Must meet minimum requirement per month to qualify for free machine. AirSaver reserves the right to cancel promotion at any time. Exclusions apply. We reserve the right to substitute any gifts if they become unavailable. Promotion expires 9/30/2020.

AirSaver Air Cushioning System

The AirSaver F2 Air Cushioning System is designed to generate Air Pillows on-demand for void fill and bracing applications to secure shipment during transit. Its compact footprint and easy operation will allow you to streamline your shipping operations and reduce costs.

The AirSaver system offers many advantages over traditional packaging materials like peanuts, paper or foam. The air pillow materials are stored flat on a roll until they are inflated for use, which significantly reduces storage and shipping cost. In addition, Air Pillows are cleaner and easier to use compared to traditional materials and are the preferred packaging material of choice by today’s consumers. AirSaver films are recyclable and can be reused, which makes this product the most environmentally friendly packaging material in the market.

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