Makeup Trends Taking over the Market This Summer

Each summer has led to many of the greatest makeup trends we’ve seen to date, and this summer is going to be no different. This year in particular we are going to see lots of focus on the features left uncovered by masks. This means bold browns, vibrant eye shadow inspirations, and dewy skin. There is no better time than now to try new things and let your imaginations take hold.

One things we are going to see a lot of are colorful eyes. Color-blocking, neon colors, glitter, metallic over matte, eyeliner, all of it! Products such as bright eye shadow palettes, eyeliners, and even liquid shadows are going to be a huge hit this summer.

But you can’t have the eye look without those fluffy brows. Full and fluffy brows are all the talk this summer. People are on the lookout for product that will fluff, volumize, define, and set their brows and give them that bushy-yet groomed effect.

Along with the makeup trends, we are going to see a growth in nail and skin care. Since the salons are closed, it is up to us to look our best. Many have taken it upon themselves to learn how to care for their skin and nails at home. That means more skin care products being purchased online and all the nail instruments needed to create a beautiful set of nails.

As these trend pick up, neon eye shadow palettes, skincare products, and all things nail related are a must. Many rely on the ease and accessibility of online shopping during these times to receive such products, so it is the company’s job to get the products to them safely.

With more fragile products, such as eye shadow palettes, it is important to use ample amounts of packing material for protection. To ensure the products protection, wrap the item in cushion wrap and fill in and empty spaces with either air-pillows or paper packaging. Make sure there are no empty spaces in the package so the product has no room to move around during shipping.