Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce this Year

 There has been a major boost in e-commerce ever since the beginning of the pandemic, but is your business optimized for success?

The pandemic has caused the nation to place strict rules on retail stores thus resulting in brands accelerating their “digitalization” process and explore new sales channels. As easy as this may sound, it’s not. It takes much more than a website with their best products.

In reality, the online space is becoming more and more crowded, competition is high, and the cost to advertise on the major platform is increasing. But despite these difficulties, there are many ways to increase you online presence and sales. Here are some of those ways:

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a great tool that allows you to target any type of demographic. With the business manager (the Facebook ads platform) you are able to create campaigns for a specific buyer persona and you can target based on interests and behaviors. Being able to do this helps you focus your marketing budget on people who are use to buying and spending online, increasing your sales.

Pixel and Lookalike Audiences

First, you must be sure that your pixel is correctly installed and tracking. This analytics tool can become your best friend if you use it right. Once you track over 100 purchases for example, you will be able to create a “lookalike audience”. With a lookalike audience Facebook will search for people with similarities to your current customers.

Typically, the cost per conversion is lower when you have a healthy lookalike audience campaign running. The more purchases that are tracked, the more targeted and accurate your pixel will become eventually becoming your best friend.

Retargeting Is Key

For e-commerce sales, the average conversion rate is around 1%-2%. That means roughly 98% of your traffic will be lost forever. That ultimately means you are paying for visitors that will never become your customers. This is why retargeting is crucial.

Retargeting means you target all your visitors who have never purchased and show them an ad with the goal to convert them into buyers.

This means retargeting is crucial for your ad’s success. By retargeting a warm audience, you have the chance to increase your conversion rate. One good retargeting strategy is to create a customized offer or discount in order to increase the conversion rate.

Doesn’t Stop There

Things don’t stop once your e-commerce sales boost. You have to ensure a great experience so that way your customers come back for more, and that starts with your packaging. By using packing products such as air pillow, bubble wrap, void fill, and more you can make sure your products get to your customers safe and in one piece.

The AirSaver system offers many advantages over traditional packaging materials like peanuts, paper or foam. The air pillow materials are stored flat on a roll until they are inflated for use, which significantly reduces storage and shipping cost. In addition, Air Pillows are cleaner and easier to use compared to traditional materials and are the preferred packaging material of choice by today’s consumers. AirSaver films are recyclable and can be reused, which makes this product the most environmentally friendly packaging material in the market.